SQS Holding S.A.

SQS Holding S.A. specializes in providing employee posting and quality control services for the largest manufacturing companies in Poland. SQS Holding S.A. is a holding company with two subsidiaries: HR Team Sp. z o.o. and SQS Solutions Sp. z o.o.


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External warehouse

We dedicate this service to factories with insufficient warehousing space. The benefit of this service is the opportunity to build the KANBAN system, and processing JUST-ON-TIME deliveries within the SQS warehouse spaces.

Head Hunting of employees

We find people to fill executive positions or outstanding specialists in the recruitment market by direct contact, not by advertising the position, e.g. when company is looking for candidates with a very rare set of skills, specific experience or when they are trying to recruit from their direct competition.

New brand image SQS

For the first time we have an opportunity to present the strength and the quality of our brands built in the last 13 years. We invest in our development and it is vital that our image is a representation of our skills and quality.


range of SQS
Range of SQS


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SQS Holding S.A.

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